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ECET2 York County
ECET2 York County

About Us

ECET2 York County

We are a team of educators from seven different school districts working together to bring the most exceptional professional development we have ever experienced to York County. ECET2 is the type of conference that can transform your teaching.

Planning Committee Members

Devan Weber, Eliot, ME

Pam Starkey, South Berwick, ME

Danae Secunde, RSU 57

Diana Allen, Sanford

Heidi Early-Hersey, RSUs 35 & 60

Heidi Schule, South Berwick, ME

Karen Fream, Portland, ME

Kate Smith, South Berwick, ME

Kristin Klin, Bonny Eagle

Meghan Look, Sanford, ME

Melanie Dodge, RSU 35

Theresa Gaetjens, RSU 57

Dan Allen, MEA Representative