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ECET2 York County
ECET2 York County

The Six Ingredients Of ECET2

Ingredient One


Nurtures Trust Among Teachers

ECET2 provides a safe, confidential, and supportive space to build trust among teachers and other educators. Teachers return to their schools and communities eager and equipped to build and nurture trusting relationships among their peers.

Ingredient Two


Focuses on Each Teacher’s Potential for Growth

ECET2 recognizes the talents each teacher already possesses and seeks to support his/her continued growth. It empowers teachers to both develop their own skills and cultivate those of their peers in a supportive and professional way.

Ingredient Three


Inspires Both the Intellect and the Passion that Drives Teachers in Their Work

Teachers are driven both by the intellectual challenges inherent in their work and by a passion to serve their students. The power of this balance between the head and the heart is something familiar to every teacher, and ECET2 harnesses it to drive, motivate, challenge, and excite teachers.

Ingredient Four


Provides Time for Collaboration and Learning

Teachers spend their days helping their students learn. ECET2 offers teachers the time and space to learn from inspiring speakers, as well as each other. Furthermore, ECET2 provides a platform which enables this collaboration to continue far past the conference.

Ingredient Five


Puts Teachers in the Lead

Teachers are leaders in their schools and communities, and ECET2 embraces and amplifies their position. ECET2 is teacher-led – teachers drive and organize each convening and embrace the opportunity to create a meaningful experience for their peers.

Ingredient Six


Recognizes Teachers as Talented Professionals

Teachers are the true experts in their field. ECET2 recognizes educators as the professionals that they are and as indispensible partners in the mission of transforming schools and classrooms to best serve students.